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    Working in tight collaboration with the client, we married their vision with some technical magic — The result is one of our favorite events ever, one that still send chills down our spines. Here's what happened — Be sure to read to the end:

    A few years back, we were working for a show producer and our common client was in the hair and fashion industry. Every two or three years they did a very large event showcasing the latest trends and products. It featured on-stage training, education and yes, lots of music and runway shows. This was the first year after their founder, Don, had passed. He was a beloved man; an industry giant. This was to be the first show since his death.

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    The audience of about 1200 streamed into the hall buzzing with anticipation. They were excited to start the weeklong program that would undoubtedly engage, excite, entertain and inspire. We chose a cold opening. When the audience was seated, the hall still roaring with anticipation, we began. The music swelled for a few seconds before fading along with the lights. We sat in total blackout for a few beats, then rolled a video paying tribute to Don's work and his life. The stage remained dark to heighten the drama.

    It was emotional. The audience loved Don. He was like family. For many in attendance, his journey had been their journey as they came into their professional prime at the same time in their lives.

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    The tribute concluded with some video shot at a previous year's symposium. In it, Don was on stage talking to the audience, his passion always shining through. We started a very low bed of music under his talking.

    The song chosen was Gimme Shelter, by The Rolling Stones; a song from Don's era. During the bridge, the female background vocals become dominant and are sung nearly a Capella over a low drum and bass guitar. The reverb on the vocals gives that part of the track a beautiful, yet haunting feel.

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    As Don wrapped up on stage, the music volume started to swell again, slowly getting louder. We timed the music so the tension was greatest just as Don smiled and waved to the audience. We froze the video just as he did a half turn, departing the stage one last time.

    On our headsets, we heard the show caller say, "Standby lights and runway."

    We waited a beat as the audience took in the moment. Then another.

    "Go!" he cried.

  • Goosebumps ( 5 / 5 )

    In perfect sync, a barrage of white moving lights swept up from the floor to the stage, illuminating the runway. A nearly 6ft model burst through the darkness, strutting down the runway as the chorus thundered through the PA. The audience leapt to its feet and burst into a heart-felt, and for some, a tearful applause.

    In that instance, we had honored Don's legacy as a man and his life's work. We had bridged the company's past, with its future, eliminating any doubt that his work would go on.

    It was magic for anyone in the room. A true moment in time. One that still makes the hair on my arm stand up when I recall it.

    This is why we do what we do.

Inspiration gallery

Here at the Ranch, our visual style is unbridled and diverse making this gallery an ideal starting point to incite your imagination.

Photo No.: 119
Give me Liberty
A painter creates at an entertainment intermission for a conference audience.
Photo No.: 102
Leading with distinction
Visual scenic components with pixel mapped motion graphics.
Photo No.: 103
Tech as a service
120' Wide Curved scenic set with projection mapping and custom motion graphics.
Photo No.: 101
Aligning for growth
Our Lightbox set internally lit with breakup pattern projected from moving lights.
Photo No.: 105
Digital curve
120 foot ultrawide video screen with custom developed motion graphics.
Photo No.: 104
Web Walls
Intermixed Web Wall and Lightbox scenic pieces with multiple video screens for a technology summit.
Photo No.: 106
Awards night
70 foot wide curved projection screen and decorative silver globes ready for Awards Night.
Photo No.: 107
Celebrating 20 years
16' x 19' video screen built into a rear-lit "lava" panels.
Photo No.: 113
Naughty by Nature
Naughty by Nature entertains attendees at the wrap-up party after a week of symposiums in front of a 90 foot rear projection screen.
Photo No.: 108
GeoCubes scenic
Our custom built GeoCubes scenic pieces integrated with video and lighting.
Photo No.: 109
Shoji panels
Rear-lit shoji panels integrated with projection screens for a simple panelist stage.
Photo No.: 110
Traveling show
A small show-in-a-box solution designed to travel efficiently and cost-effectively to multiple locations throughout the year.
Photo No.: 126
Star spangled banners
A young performer opens the annual Salute to the Champions sports awards dinner.
Photo No.: 128
Legend — ary
John Legend speaks at the ASU+GSV Symposium.
Photo No.: 111
Recognition celebration
90 foot screen with custom motion graphics and moving lights.
Photo No.: 114
Survey Says...
The touring set for Family Feud Live! Big Pixel Ranch provided consultation and design of the touring video system.
Photo No.: 124
Fashion "ta da" for
The moment after a surprise reveal of a special dress in a cloud of smoke.
Photo No.: 115
From all angles
From any angle, this custom designed set looks fantastic. At 150' wide, it features angled screens, pixel mapped graphics and a custom motion graphic treatment.
Photo No.: 116
Visual scenic set
Our visually scenic set featuring mapped video projection and motion graphics.
Photo No.: 117
In the spotlight
Here we help a presenter channel her inner rockstar.
Photo No.: 120
50 beautiful years
Our Pandoras box media servers produce agency class visuals on a 50 foot LED wall.
Photo No.: 121
Be a visionary
Huge video screens and a custom set design featuring 3d lettering fill an arena sized venue.
Photo No.: 123
Under the stars
Awards ceremony held outside in front of a 3-to-1 LED wall taking advantage of San Diego's beautiful nighttime and weather.
Photo No.: 125
Come on down!
The touring set for The Price is Right Live! Big Pixel Ranch provided the touring video system.